Abella Malefica -Arcane Wizard's Apprentice
"I'd like to paint myself a perfect world one day."
 – 09:09, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Abella is sketching, and notices you. "Oh, hi!" she says, looking up. "Anything I can help you with?"

Abella "Bella" Xylia V. Malefica is an Arcane Wizard's Apprentice.

Abella Malefica


April 16


Ariana Malefica (Mother)

Sage Malefica (Father)





Hair Color:


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An only child, her parents are both skilled sorcerers, however, she grew up in an enviroment of mortals. Causing her to be different. She believed she wasn't like her friends and decided to adopt a "unique" personality. This included wearing strange clothing, listening to strange music, etc.

Although despite her strange personality, she wants to fit in. It's one of her biggest desires in the world.

Talk BubbleEdit


Abella Malefica -Arcane Wizard's Apprentice
"I'd like to paint myself a perfect world one day."
 – 08:17, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

"This is my talk bubble."




She's tall for her age, and has pale skin. She has wavy blonde hair and green eyes. She's normally found smiling, as she is quite an optimistic person. She has a scar on her leg from an accident when she was younger. She


Abella is a Faerie names which means "the beautiful". Xylia is another Faerie name which means "of the forest". While Malefica is Latin for sorceress.


She's a strange, optimistic, and energetic person. She's friendly and outgoing although sometimes due to her strangeness, people don't accept the friendship. She likes to see people as colors, which you may find weird. She believes she is a yellow orange. She also has a weakness when tempted by power. She likes doing anything that would make her happy, which would include being sarcastic at times. She could also be kind of stubborn and headstrong, and rather brave sometimes.

Her Personality-Color ChartEdit

She classifies people according to their personality, using the different colors.

First there is yellow, itself being a happy color, she classified it with the happy and the energetic, she hadn't really met a lot of people like this.

Then there is orange, to her it meant strange, but likable.

Green is for the people who were beautiful, inside and out.

Red is for the cunning, brave and strong.

White is for the pure and innocent.

Pink is for the people whom she believed are soft and kind.

Black is for the mysterious, and silent.

Grey is for the dull and boring.

Violet is for the intelligent.

In her opinion she's more of a yellow orange.

Hobbies and InterestsEdit

She loves art, thus the whole seeing people as colors thing. She also loves to read, and basically loves everything that will let her be happy and make her have fun.


Her father and her mother are both powerful sorcerers, but both are from the dark side. Like them, after being forced by Merlock, she gave in and joined the Guild of Darkness.



Mystique, her pegasus

She wondered why he was color black, and since on her Color-Personality chart, Black is for the mysterious, she named him Mystique. They met in Laurina Taurë. He is a loyal animal companion.