Alex Greyson


Alex Greyson is a seventeen year old male, who was the unsuspecting apprentice of a dark wizard. Alex trained with Jackson Jekyll for most of his life, until he was sixteen. Jackson felt as if he was ready for the truth, which turned out to be his mistake. Alex is a noble person, so instead of taking this news lightly, he used a fire spell to burn him to death, and his house too. As he was running away, he ran into Siblyx and Angela. He begged them not to kill him, but after he noticed their untterly confused expressions, he calmed down and explained the situation to them. To this day, the three are a trio, and never seperated. He fell in love with Siblyx, her hardheadedness and toughness, but has not yet had the courage to tell her.


Alex is noble, trustworthy, bright, loyal, humble, and protective. He seems to enjpy going off without his friends and explore, sometimes when he's in a hprrible mood, a nice walk alone is the only thing that could calm him down. In emergencies, he would use his last resort, the lage amount of dark magic is ex-master taught him.