Jacques Ardoin (alive) and Monique Ardoin (deceased)


Sorcerer's Apprentice


Cherie Ardoin was born on 21st April 1995 to Jacques and Monique Ardoin in Paris, France. Monique was a lost star spirit and Jacques rescued her from the brink of death. Monique slowly learnt the French cultures and fell in love with Jacques. For years Jacques was unknowing towards her love for him until he fell in love with her too. He proposed to her and she said yes. The day after they married, Jacques and Monique slept together and a month after that she found out that she was pregnant.

After the shocking news, Jacques and Monique decided to get a headstart on all the baby things that were necessary so Jacques bought all the items and together they set it up. On the ninth month of her pregnancy Monique was ill and went shopping. She walked through an alleyway and then suddenly her water broke and she gave birth to Cherie in that alleyway and then died. The police found Monique's corpse a day later along with a starving Cherie who became ill aswell. Jacques found out that it was Monique and his child in the news and rushed to the Police to retrieve his child. He mourned for days for his loss as they had only been together for 9 months.

Cherie was talented as a child at magic and she could control it well. She had vivid dreams of the future and told Jacques every single morning. He knew what her fate was but he pretended that he was unknowing of it and played along with his child. One day Jacques cracked and couldn't cope with working as well as looking after Cherie so he decided to send her to be a Sorcerer's Apprentice of Celeste Farrow, the head of the guild. He hoped she can become worthy of being part of the Destined Four.


Cherie has blonde wavy hair with green eyes and pale skin. She is known to be very beautiful as star spirits are known as the most beautiful creatures in the universe. 


Cherie has the gift of seeing the future because star spirits have the power to see the future. She is also very talented at magic, sometimes surpassing the standards of people. She controls the element of Air as part of the Destined Four. Cherie has two different sides to her. The mean side and the good side. She can't control which one she becomes but you can see a significant difference between the sides.