Name: Elaine Leona Storm THIS PAGE WILL BE CHANGED


  • Female


  • 19


Leah and Lancelot Storm


Elaine has dark purple hair and Amber eyes. Everyone seems to mistake Elaine's eyes for purple. She wears a necklace around her neck.



Elaine is kind, thoughtful, peaceful girl. She seems to talk in a dreamy voice, and often comes around as a dreamy person. Often daydreaming in many situations. She has been nickname "Dream Girl" for her dreamy ways. She is quite lucky. She is very brave, and fights for what you believes. She can be charming, cheerful, positive girl.


Elaine was born to Magician, Leah Storm. Leah Storm was a Diviner. Leah, did't seem talented in Divination, but she was. She predicted many things, but did't share the information with many people. She later married Lancelot Storm and gave birth to Elaine. Elaine seemed to have talents in magic from a early age. Leah died shortly after Elaine's birth. From then on, Elaine lived with his Mortal Dad, Lancelot. She showed magical abilities and seemed talented at Divination. At the age of 17 she was brought to a special place. She is currently getting trained.


Her necklace which turns into a magical staff at will.