Katie Foyer was born in England to Kimberley and Jonathan Foyer. She was an only child. Kimberley and Jonathan had a big business and were rich with money.Kimberley and Jonathan had to go to Malaysia for a year once as they had a big loss in money there. Katie went to stay with distant relative Lizzie even though she was sick. When Lizzie had to go into hospital, Katie had to go to a friend of hers. That is where Katie found out her powers. Kimberley and Jonathan came back and they lived happily again. But then Kimberley and Jonathan kept having to go to different countries as they were losing money rapidly. From Italy to Australia, Russia to Brazil, they never stopped. Katie was very annoyed at this and the constant moving to and fro. 2 years after this mishap they came home to poor Katie and because they are making big profits, they will stay. Katie was overjoyed and was very happy again. Katie then got appointed as an arcane Wizard's apprentice.