Oliver Veart -Sorcerer's Apprentice, Brother of Jynx Veart
- "Expect the Unexpected."
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"Hello," He greeted as he lifted up his head.
Oliver Simon Veart

Vital Status

Alive, Magician, Male, 14




HEIGHT: '5"8'


Coralise Kelly Veart (Alive, Magician, Mother)

Ashby Veart (Alive, Magician, Father)

Jynx Veart (Alive, Magician, Sister)

About OliverEdit

Oliver was born to Coralise Kelly Veart and Ashby Veart on the Fortenth of September 1997. He is currently 14 years of age. Her only sibling is Jynx, he looks exactly like Oliver, Of course with different heights and hair lengths, She also can produce magic. His father is a very talented Magician, his mother also possess magical power. He has always had an interest in glass blowing.


Oliver tends to be indiependent- a free thinker, as well as playful, fearless and non-judgemental, However he as been known for sudden outbursts and rage issues. When it comes to serouis matters he is honest and loyal. He is energetic, brave, passionate, Curouis and a bit shy as well, although he can be a bit implusive, and can be somewhat easily discourged.



Portrait of Oliver Veart.

He looks very much like his sister- Jynx. He has flaming red hair and lively royal blue eyes. Oliver isn't very tall- however he isn't exactly short.

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