She is usually called by her Surname, Ayres, or her middle name, Laverna because no one seems to be able to get her first name right, not to mention it sounds foolish.

Siblyx Laverna Ayres


Sib, Verna, Ayres.


Alive, Female, Magician/Witch, 18.







Laverna was born on January 9th, 1994 to Jackson Ayres and Rebekka Ayres. For the first Seven years of her life things were simple; Growing food all around, being homeschooled in a small four room house. Although it couldn't last forever, and it didn't. Her father soon got arrested for theft and she hasn't seen him since.

Six years after that, when she was now 13, her mother became fatally ill, and for extra income Laverna resorted to stealing herself. It would be awlfully easy for her to unlock shop doors with magic, take a moderate amount of sliver and leave silently, Then later sell it at the market. She would continue stealing up until her mother had died, Which was hardly more than a year ago. Even then she occasionally swipes something. This is most likely why she does not trust people- knowing that there are thieves and liars out there like herself.


Laverna has jet-black hair with very slight tinges if dark brown, mint green eyes and pale skin. She has a strong chin, rather big feet and is '5"6' on the dot.

Anime Siblyx

Anime version of Siblyx Laverna Ayres.

She often wears a messy, plain white button-down dress shirt of which is always a bit of dirt on it, and black corduroy pants. In the summer she wears lighter clothing. She practically never leaves without her satchel slung around her back and her carved wooden staff. She wears worn-out boots that reach just about her ankle and have no heel.


Laverna does not trust people because she doesn't necessarily trust herself, so she doesn't give out her name right away. She can be rather paranoid but other than that she tends to be calm, not to mention stealthy. She overall protective, can be stubborn, and will not hesitate to battle with a threat. She thinks ahead and is quite quick-witted, but when caught off guard she takes drastic measures, and will never agree to anything she doesn't understand.



Laverna rarely ever leaves without her satchel. She managed to fit a spare change of clothes inside as well as a far too big jacket, ratty blanket and a couple loafs of bread. She carries this around with her because of the worry that anyone will ever suspect her of theft, in which case she would have to retreat in the woods. Also it's rather useful if she ever gets snackish or get chilly.



This is Laverna's staff, it was crafted by her herself from a fallen apple tree. Now she does not go anywere without it close by. Like her Satchel, she usually carries it around her back.

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