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Welcome to the Sorcery RP Wiki!!
Join the Magical Party!


About Us!

This wiki is about roleplaying as a sorcerer, a diviner, a green wizard or an arcane wizard. You can also start as an arcane wizard's apprentice or a sorcerer's apprentice and then become a diviner's apprentice or a green wizard's apprentice later on in life by asking the head of their guild. Apprentices must be between 10-20 years old

Getting Started!

Are you ready to join us? If you are then make your Character forum by going here after that you may create a character page and word bubble and get ready for some magical action. If you need any help check our Getting Started Guide that tends to all your needs.!

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Administration Team

If you have any questions, contact a Bureaucrat first. If they don't respond to you within 24 hours, contact an administrator.

Bureaucrats Administrators Rollbacks

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